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PLA has been providing ongoing English as a second language classes at our hotel
for almost three years. During this time, we have noticed a definite improvement
in our associates' English. They love the classes and consider them an important
benefit of working here. As a manager, I also appreciate PLA's adaptability and
responsiveness to our particular needs.
Cathleen Wardley
The fast response by PLA to our tight timelines [was impressive]. Given very little notice, the instructors administered personalized skill evaluations and began well-structured classes within a week. They were very involved with each student’s needs and included Polaroid business documentation with the training materials.
Elizabeth Foote,
Individual and Organization Effectiveness, Polaroid Corporation

I have worked with PLA in 4 different organizations for the last 10 years. In each
instance Eileen Prince has demonstrated a sincere interest in creating a partnership
with the organization I represented -- to really understanding our business and
our culture. Flexible and creative, her willingness to customize and tailor her
services to our needs has proven invaluable to me on many occasions.

Her demeanor is simultaneously upbeat and fun yet professional -- just the right
blend to put our employees at ease and to encourage maximum learning. As a
business professional, I appreciate that Eileen provides me with metrics that easily
explain the value of the training being conducted and that she has a keen awareness
of the bottom-line contribution that this training is designed to affect.

Carla Patalano,
Human Resources Specialist
PLA received excellent reviews from the software engineers who participated in
the accent reduction workshops they conducted for us. They helped the software
engineers become better able to communicate with speakers of American English.
At the same time, they showed a great respect for the engineers’ language
and culture.
Software Company President
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