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Prince Language Associates Incorporated offers homestays to students, business people and tourists.

A homestay provides you with accommodations in the home of a family or responsible adult. It’s a great opportunity to practice your English and learn more about American culture. Many homestay hosts and their guests stay in contact with each other for years after the guest returns home.

Features of our homestays:

Experienced hosts
Excellent accommodations
Single bedrooms unless a double is requested by clients traveling together
Breakfast and dinner provided
Convenient to public transportation
Airport pickup available

We are also available to help you reserve accommodations at hotels.

We work with clients, schools and agents.

Please contact us for prices and other information.

Request for Finding a Homestay
    Name :
Address :
       City : State : Postal Code :
 Country :
        Tel. : Fax :
   E-mail :
When do you want to come to the US?
     Month :      Year :
Which state or region, e.g. Massachusetts, Midwest?
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What is your English level?
Advanced Intermediate Beginning Other
What else should we know about you?
Please use the lines below for comments, questions, etc.
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How old are you?
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How long do you plan to stay in the United States?
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What dietary restrictions do you have? In other words, what can you not eat?
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What kind of food do you like to eat?
     Ans -   
Do you want to have breakfast and dinner at the homestay?
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How much time are you willing to spend traveling to and from the homestay and your school or place of business?
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Do you expect your host family to take you places on weekends?
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