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About Prince Language Associates
Prince Language Associates provides language instruction, cross-cultural training,
and culture-sensitive coaching at workplaces.
Eileen Prince, Founder and Director of Training served.
Eileen attributes her great interest in other cultures to what she calls her own bi-subcultural background. The daughter of an urban New York father and a rural Florida mother, she spent her childhood living in both parts of the country. She says that having to "shift gears" between the different types of schools found in these two areas gave her an early sympathy for people who have to make sense of a culture that they do not completely understand. Further, she believes that her interest in other languages was sparked by the dialect-shifting that she had to engage in as a child.
Eileen with Some Students
Eileen found an outlet for these sensitivities in her study of linguistics and as a teacher of English as a second language (ESL). While a teacher and administrator of ESL programs, she was active in professional organizations and served as an officer in International TESOL. She has also authored student texts and educated future teachers, both as an instructor and a trainer.
Doctoral Level Course Work at Columbia and Harvard Universities
M.A. from Columbia University
B.A. from Queens College (CUNY)
Woodrow Wilson Fellow
Regents Fellow
Professional Background
Founder, Prince Language Associates
English as a Second Language Teacher and Administrator
Teacher Trainer
Teacher Educator
Co-active Coach
Published Texts
Write Soon!: A Beginning Text for ESL Writers
Write More!: An Intermediate Writing Text
The Story of Anne Frank
The Story of John Lennon
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